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Four Sparkling Ideas for Serving Prosecco

Four Sparkling Ideas for Serving Prosecco If you’re a fan of champagne then you’ll love prosecco. Prosecco is a dry Italian sparkling white wine that is produced in the regions of Fruili and Veneto in Italy. Probably the most-known recipe using prosecco is the iconic Bellini. Prosecco is my personal favorite sparkly beverage. I order […]

9 January, 2018 (21:59) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Miller Argent

During the Autumn term Dark Sky Wales had the pleasure of working with Miller Argent (Merthyr) in delivering a fun hands on robotic activity with several local schools. The sessions where held at Miller Argents purpose built education room at their FFos-y-Fran reclamation site. The project was extremely successful with students experiencing first hand the […]

9 December, 2013 (10:50) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Robotic Explorers prove meteorites from MArs

Here is another great article from NASA informing the public of it’s Martian rovers success. This time the rovers have sampled the MArtian atmosphere to prove that meteorites found on Earth originated from Mars. Its a great example of science and engineering working hand in hand to further the exploration of space. However, this kind […]

21 October, 2013 (11:04) | Uncategorized | By: allan

And Rover Still Keep On Going

While Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt visited Earth’s moon for three days in December 1972, they drove their mission’s Lunar Roving Vehicle 19.3 nautical miles (22.210 statute miles or 35.744 kilometers). That was the farthest total distance for any NASA vehicle driving on a world other than Earth until yesterday. The team […]

22 May, 2013 (09:00) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Blue Sun

The Solar System literally means the system of the Sun and when you consider that the Sun accounts for 99.85% of all the mass you can guess why. The Sun however is a star and not a particularly big one at that but it is our closest stellar neighbour and therefore a good place to […]

20 May, 2013 (11:09) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Has the work of Humanity left the confines of our Solar System?

It is very interesting to read the reports on BBC News Science pages regarding the possible departure from the Solar System of Voyager 1. This spacecraft launched in September 1977 has been journey throughout the Solar System sending back valuable data about the outer planets and what lies beyond. Launched not long after the last […]

20 March, 2013 (19:30) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Teacher’s Evaluation

It was a pleasant surprise to read such a glowing evaluation of DSW and Fairwood Trust robotic project. Mrs Chaffe wrote the following; “The opportunity to participate in the robot challenge has been worthwhile. It has ‘ticked’ all the boxes with regards to the curriculum – team work, developing co-operation, maths, science, DT and communication […]

6 March, 2013 (14:50) | Uncategorized | By: allan

GCSE Astronomy Students

Pontypridd High School students studying for the Edexcel GCSE Astronomy award enjoyed an afternoon of observing our stellar neighbour. The Sun a very often overlooked object in astronomy classes was examined by the students using a H-Alpha telescope. This allowed them to view several solar features and ask very pertinent questions about their origins. For […]

4 March, 2013 (20:05) | Uncategorized | By: allan

A happy student

It’s always nice to know that your doing something right and today is one of those occasions. Opening the post today revealed a stack of letters from Primary School children who we had visited some weeks ago. The letters expressed how much interest and enthusiasm they had for STEM, and after being able to give […]

4 February, 2013 (14:06) | Uncategorized | By: allan

Lego Mindstorms Inspire students

Faron Moller Director of Technocamps in Swansea University has published a very interesting article that analysis the influence of Lego Mindstorms has on gender. The article can be found here http://www-compsci.swan.ac.uk/~csfm/Pubs/wipsce12.pdf. As a deliverer for Technocamps at the University of Glamorgan we have had the pleasure of working with several groups of students. Many of […]

25 January, 2013 (11:45) | Uncategorized | By: allan