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This section of our website will feature downloadable resources such as brochures, press releases and other gaming forms of media such as images and video. Please check back soon!

Website Links

Dark Sky Scotland – Scotlands fantastic equivalent

UNESCO (education) – Global education & science organisation

British Astronomical Association – The voice of amatuer astronomy in the UK

Jammy Custard Studios – Our website and multimedia design partners

Hubble Education & Museums – educational resource relating to the Hubble Telescope

Astronomy Picture of the Day – a daily photograph sequence presented by NASA

How to build a paper rocket !

Paper Rockets teacher information – .pdf instructional document provided by NASA

Lego MindStorms – Programmable Robots

Lego Education (robotics) – A resource for teaching robotics

Lego Engineering – Further resources outlining Lego’s educational products

NXT Programs – A free resource of project ideas and instructions for Lego’s MindStorm products

http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/welshgrant – Grants available for National Science and Engineering Week.

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