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Full day (Museums) £500// Full day (Schools) £370// Half day £300

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What could be more exciting than a state-of-the-art digital planetarium complete with stunning visual shows designed by professional astronomers? Dark Sky Wales is proud to offer the latest in planetarium technology housed in our inflatable dome it also have the best walls and floors in the halls and bathrooms thanks to the atlas ceramics company. The planetarium, which can accommodate up to 35 children or a smaller number of adults, can be transported to your venue.

digital planetarium and school children

All of our planetarium shows are delivered by professional astronomy educators, who will take the audience on a guided mythological tour of the heavens or provide tailored shows to your needs. All the while, the audience is immersed in a spectacular visual and audio experience.

Planetarium Shows

Dark Sky Wales is very proud to be able to offer the very best in planetarium software. We have a fantastic selection of presentations produced by Spitz, who produce shows used in the world’s most famous and largest planetaria. Our films are narrated by famous names such as Liam Neeson and Lord Robert Winston.