About Dark Sky Wales

We are a team of professional educators who provide exciting workshop sessions designed to inspire young learners and to encourage them to take an interest in science, mathematics and engineering (STEM). We have built on our successful relations with a number of different organisations, such as Cassidian, The Valleys Project, Communities First, University of Glamorgan, Mid-Glamorgan Education Business Partnership, Hands on Science, First Campus, Cardiff Museum and many more.

Our Mission

Here at Dark Sky Wales we:

  • Inspire science education and lifelong learning
  • Encourage careers in science and technology
  • Promote awareness of dark skies in Wales
  • Demonstrate the mythology and legends of the constellations from diverse cultures

All of our workshops are linked by one common theme – Astronomy! The beauty of our night sky has enthralled people throughout the ages and has made a lasting impression in both the sciences and humanities. This wonder of the universe has inspired generations of scientists and engineers to discover more about the cosmos from the ancient Greeks to Einstein. We have taken their lead and developed a series of activities that take participants that little further and introduce them to subjects they generally would not have engaged with.

Furthermore, our heritage in the night sky is in danger of being lost to the encroachment of light pollution. Dark Sky Wales hopes to raise public awareness of this issue by engaging learners in astronomy, science and technology and inspire future generations to wonder once again.

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Meet the Team


Allan Trow BSc, FRAS (Manager)

Allan enjoys finding innovative ways to engage learners of every generation in STEM activities. He is also an astronomy educator and regularly delivers talks to community groups. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of Dark Sky Wales, an organisation established to promote STEM to a wide audience and also to make people aware of the night sky and the loss of heritage associated with menace of light pollution.

Martin Griffiths BSc, MSc, FRAS (Astronomer/Presenter)

Martin has been an astronomer for 40 years. A former lecturer and science communicator at the University of South Wales Martin has gained an international reputation for his knowledge and science communication.