Robotics Workshops

  • Full day (Museums) £500
  • Schools
    • Full day  £450
    • Half day £300

Prices subject to VAT.

Here at DSW, we have taken NXT and Mindstorm robotic kits produced by Lego and created innovative workshops designed to introduce students to the complex world of robotics and control systems. Depending on their age, your students will have the opportunity to design, construct and programme a robot capable of completing a specific task. These exciting workshops are suitable for all ages, from primary to adults and emphasise Key Skills required by Welsh Government. Our most popular workshops include:

Line Follower

The sessions last for 90 minutes and involve your students programming a pre-constructed robot. They will be given several tasks to complete and at the end of the workshop be presented with a certificate of achievement.

Lunar Challenge

A whole day experience! Students will be given the task of designing, constructing and programming their creation to complete a given mission. Furthermore, students are able to obtain an Open College Network accreditation by completing additional independent study (additional cost incurred).

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